Why Sell on Walmart?

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The Second Basket: Should I sell on Walmart.com?

“After selling on Amazon for years, my store got deactivated under suspicion of dropshipping, which I DONT DO….”


I wouldn’t bet my whole livelihood on Amazon doing right by my business and not shut down my account arbitrarily. With that being said, here's the case for putting a couple eggs in the Walmart basket.

Less Competition: While Amazon is the dominant player in the e-commerce industry, Walmart.com has relatively fewer sellers. This can provide an opportunity to stand out and capture a market share in certain product categories where competition may be lower.

Brand Recognition: Both Walmart and Amazon have strong brand recognition, but Walmart's brand is often associated with affordability and traditional retail. Depending on your target audience and product offerings, this brand perception may align well with your business and attract specific customer segments.

Commission Fees: Walmart Marketplace generally offers competitive commission fees compared to Amazon. This can potentially allow sellers to retain a higher profit margin per sale.

Selective Approval Process: Walmart has a selective approval process for sellers, which may result in a more curated seller community. This exclusivity could enhance the perception of credibility for approved sellers and create a sense of trust among customers.

Demographic Differences: Walmart.com tends to attract a different demographic compared to Amazon. Walmart's customer base includes a significant portion of traditional retail shoppers who prefer a brick-and-mortar shopping experience. If your target audience aligns with Walmart's customer base, selling on Walmart.com could be advantageous.

Fulfillment Options: Walmart.com offers multiple fulfillment options, including third-party fulfillment and Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). This can provide flexibility for sellers to choose the most suitable fulfillment method for their business needs.

Advertising and Promotions: Both platforms offer advertising opportunities, but Walmart.com's advertising tools are still developing. Amazon has a more mature and robust advertising platform, which may end up resulting in more stiff competition and higher bidding just to stay relevant.

Here’s to the Walmart basket!

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